Tree of Life

  • Form: Oil on Canvas
  • Date: 2007
  • Dimensions: 36" x 36"
  • SKU: AA010224

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Presented for your pleasure, “The Tree of Life”.

Marking the beginning of a great story, here begin the roots of all things. Like the mother in all our lives, the Tree of Life is engraved with the initials of all the loved.

Here you find anchoring roots of humanity and nature, the Tree of Life, digging deeper and deeper into the soil always creating new life, and from its branches pouring forth life energy feeding countless living creatures above and below ground.

A symbol for love, power, and tranquility, this quiet giant gives us so much asking nothing in return.. the silent messages hidden within this artwork screaming…

    • I will love you, warm you, and feed you;
    • I am here for all of you;
    • I am the Tree of Life... here at the beginning place, everlasting;
    • I keep records of the love, and of the lives, and of the happiness of all creatures.
The "Tree of Life" is the source of the very air we all breathe, while the spirit of the tree, also brings us food for great thoughts and contemplation of the great mysteries of time and space and our place in the Creator's plan for all things.

~ Barry Robinson 

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