Sadhu Samadhi

  • Form: Oil on Canvas
  • Date: 2012
  • Dimensions: 20″x24″
  • SKU: AA160526

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My journey to Asia was unforgettable. Nepal was my main focus and I was anxious to see everything.

The visit coincided with a Hindu Shiva-Ratri festival in Kathmandu, where I met many sadhu's from India, making a pilgrimage to the sacred Bagmati river and Pashupatinath temple complex.

The amazing face and colorful costume of a Sadhu I met, led to this painting some years later.

A friends comment on this: "It is a major painting just for the achievement of painting a very wise man with such technical expertise, that his wisdom pierces the eyes of the beholders, me especially and FORCES me to spiritually evolve".

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