Fountain of Life

  • Form: Oil on Canvas
  • Date: 2007
  • Dimensions: 36″x36″
  • SKU: AA010225

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The fountain of life or the mystical and mythical eternal life fountain.

Have you considered…
What would you do with eternal life?
What would you be seeking, doing, thinking?
    • More and more power?
    • More love?
    • More money?
    • Lost opportunities?
    • Tranquility
    • Humanity

~ a limitless life affords limitless possibilities, we must be careful to choose the one that also makes life worth living.

That’s both the magic and the potential curse...

...a decision left only the finder and beholder of such powerful waters, to respond. 

In the painting we can see a dark figure, is he…
    • an explorer discovering the fountain after what we could imagine a lifetime of searching and finally achieving his quest; or
    • the defender and protector of the fountain, who could be a past seeker who decided to make sure the powerful water doesn't fall into the wrong hands, as in a Hollywood movie; or
    • a guard, stopping the dark specter's escape from the place that trapped them there, as they weren't worthy of the magical water..?

The true secrets of this painting are yet to be discovered, as we try to grasp the mind of the artist himself to answer this question. But that's where the next magic of life comes to play, that part in each of us so that interprets what see in this painting… in the way that speaks to each of us.

For me, the fountain in the background speaks to my inner child's imagination.
    • It drives me to go on a quest to drink and absorb the water to rejuvenate, or simply to heal my trapped sadness, and to give me the ability to spread joy and happiness around me.
    • Or perhaps, it inspires me to simply quench my thirst for folklore and mythical paths.
Would you go on an adventure to find the fountain of life, or simply enshrine this beautiful painting in a place that speaks to you

~ by Barry Robinson

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