Dolphin Dream

  • Form: Oil on Canvas
  • Date: 2027
  • Dimensions:
  • SKU: AA130105

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 My first major endeavor of marine painting

This colorful scene depicts a family of dolphins frolicking in the waters south of the Hawaiian Islands at sunset.

Studying the sea, one can discern the Kaimana, or "diamonds" that form on the ocean from the sun being at a particular angle. Kaimana means "power of the ocean" in Hawaiian. It is also the Hawaiian transcription of the English word diamond.

On the left can be seen the two great mountains rising from the big Island of Hawaii, Mauna Kea, the highest mountain on earth if measured from it's base underneath the Pacific ocean floor and Mauna loa, which contains the greatest volume or mass of any mountain in the world.

On the right is seen  the island of Maui with the dominant volcano of Haleakala rising from the clouds.

We are looking westward into the sunset toward the island of Oahu, which cannot be seen here and rarely in person.

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