Crow Sublime

  • Form: Oil on Canvas
  • Date: 2006
  • Dimensions: 36"x36"
  • SKU: AA010218

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Seen by many cultures as a 'bad omen', and other cultures as a symbol of hope and prosperity.

Here we see ‘The Crow’ as a sentry guarding over the valley… This is his world to guard, and he stands ready to protect us from evil, proudly he waits, sitting on a branch from the original "Tree of Life".

With a singular focus, he contemplates the lives of the small, nearly invisible humans in the valley before him, this view invigorating and making him more determined to remain always on the lookout, for the benefit of his special charge, these special creatures, humanity.

As ‘The Crow’ bathes in the tranquillity on his one side, massive storms always brewing on the other, as he uses all his might to hold back the raging storms, allowing the peace and tranquility of the Creator to envelope the valley below, bringing hope and happiness to his people.

As if eternity stands still, our 'Guardian Crow' stands there still, slightly bowing his head in gracefulness.

Surrounded him, the soothing and uplifting colors,.. the very aura of the world he loves so much.  He prays for us to take the time to relax, to sit, to observe, taking in the immensity, and the incredible beauty of the natural world our Creator so graciously blessed, our so often wretched race with.

Perhaps, if we breathe in the 'spirit of this art', it will help us to be a bit more like the sublime 'Crow', our protector.

Perhaps we can be more frequently entranced by the indescribable beauty of our surroundings, allowing ourselves to bathe in, and to absorb the great power and limitless energy that is every day displayed before us, to our awe

There, always present, plainly for all to see... the remnants of the great hand of the Creator, painting our earth, moon, sky, and so carefully and skillfully crafting us this indescribable and synergistic environment, in which to learn, to grow, and for us breathe in the limitless power of 'The Great One' of all through his magnificent creations.

~ these beautiful words, inspired by, Barry Robinson

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