Animal Magnetism

  • Form: Oil on Canvas
  • Date: 2007
  • Dimensions: 36"x48"
  • SKU: AA010221

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Witness here… the brief moment when the predator and the Prey are almost one, when the heartbeats are nearly synchronized, beating as one.

Captured in this painting is the raw violence… yet a feeling of serenity is represented with the grace and admiration of the artist, just like the grace and determination of the predator, who lurked, stalked, and analyzed his prey, in order to conquer the ultimate trophy.

For one, the chance to feed, for other the last breath, one could imagine these two animals wondering if things were different, could they have been friends…

Each wondering if there's a bigger picture or just praying not to taste good is all that could change.

The animal kingdom has so many mystery’s, the same for the human kingdom.

Animal Magnetism is the last seconds of life, for certainly a petrified prey yet a kind of admiration in its eyes for the predator.

Surely, both put up a good fight but ultimately on this occasion at this precise instant, only one outcome is possible. That instant frozen in time for the prey to be forever in that magic moment of pure bestial power but still peaceful to observe and admire.

The colors chosen are just perfect for this beastie representation.

~ by Barry Robinson

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