Andrew Annenberg’s paintings are world renowned, and the buyers of his paintings reflect so many of the countries he has visited, from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Italy, Europe and Nepal, as well as the esoteric, elusive and  mythical  “Atlantis” that gave rise to the incredible painting  “Venus Triumphant”

Andrew lived for a number of years in the Hawaiian Islands, in particular, the island of Maui, which gave rise to many of his delightful underwater paintings, displayed in the galleries of the famed Front Street, Lahaina. 

Some of the most well known art collectors of the modern world, such as Walter Annenberg, who donated hundreds of millions to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, told Andrew many of his paintings were on par with the great old masters, and that the “Toulousian Rouge” painting was not only genius, but totally mesmerizing. At the present time, there are no plans for reproductions until 2023. Dozens of well-known celebrities, movie stars and other artists have collected Andrew’s work, including many that lived in Hawaii, like George Harrison, Jim Nabors, Duke Kahanamoku, Joseph Campbell, Neal Blaisdell, and many famous musicians who reside on Maui.

Andrew’s work comprises realism, surrealism, abstracts and the most incredible landscapes, all done in oil. His paintings sold in the low thousands before he was even 20 years old, now prices range from $8,000 to multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Andrew has reserved some of his most prized reproductions in cibachrome, lithograph, and serigraph, on a very limited production. This is opposed to most other famous artists that sell reproductions in the many hundreds such as 50/150 which actually dilute the value of the original painting and make the reproduction worth very little, with only the artist making all the big money, which is contrary to how Andrew feels. He wants his limited productions not to exceed 25 which would allow for an increase in value annually, as opposed to other artists’ reproductions that literally decrease in value as well as the original.

Please enjoy the world of Andrew Annenberg. Some of the paintings are available for sale, some for reproduction.

All of Andrew‘s paintings have been copyrighted and most all trademarked.