Maui Artist Exclusive

An Incredible Visit with Two Extraordinary Artists

EVENT DATE: April 26, 2014
EVENT TIME: 2pm – 4pm
EVENT HOST: Summit Productions, Inc.


  • Donna Paitchel, Summit Productions
  • Andrew Annenberg, Artist
  • Robert Lyn Nelson, Artist
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Exclusive to Invited Guests of Morgan Stanley
Two world famous child prodigies, each engaging the art world with their spectacular visions for more than 50 years.
Enjoy an astonishing and wondrous look inside the marvelous minds behind some of the most stunning and diverse art works in modern art history.These artists, already legends in their own time, are gifted from childhood the power to share their visions of countless worlds that lay just one or two layers below common perception.You’ll learn what motivates, what enlightens, what frightens, and what astounds these incredible artists. You’ll marvel at how they see the world you live in. How they create replicas of the visions they see, with an uncanny mastery of color, shapes, shadows and textures.

You might even walk away expanding your own vision of this world, and the many worlds that wait just at the edge of your reality.

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Donna Paitchel takes the floor as Master of Ceremonies.


Donna begins the program, sharing her own very special introduction of these astounding artists.

Donna will entertain guests with the serendipitous story, of how she became connected to Andrew Annenberg by way of her own art collection. Sharing how her wonder and fascination with Andrew’s creative works led to this very special, very exclusive, once in a lifetime activity.

Donna hands-off to Andrew Annenberg.

TIME: (4-7 min.)


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Some general questions answered in this program segment, include…

  • When and how did you get started in art?
  • What was your favorite choice of art form?
  • Do artists have bad paint days? 
  • How many paintings at the same time?
  • What can’t you paint, draw, or sculpt?
  • Do you ever paint over a painting?
  • Do you trash creations you don’t like?
  • Do you ever fix art you don’t like, then love it?


PART ONE:   Andrew Annenberg

TIME: (3-5 min.)

  • Andrew shares a brief history of his life ;
  • Andrew covers some of the general questions above;
  • Andrew explains how he is connected to his unique friend, Robert Lyn Nelson;

    • His impression as an artist, of Robert and his breathtaking art;
    • Andrew gives a special thank you to Robert for sharing his studio for this special visit;
  • Andrew will hand-off to Robert, by asking one or more of the general questions outlined above;


PART TWO:   Robert Lyn Nelson

TIME: (3-5 min.)

  • Robert will then take the floor and answer the initial questions passed from Andrew;
  • Robert will then elaborate on any “Life of an artist” topic he may wish;
  • Robert gives his impression as an artist, of Andrew and his remarkable art;


PART THREE:   Open Discussion, Q & A, etc.

TIME: (10-15 min.)

  • Robert and Andrew will cover the remainder of the general questions outlined above;
  • Both artists will field limited questions from guests.


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Take an incredible journey through the eyes of an artist.

Get inside the creative mind, experience the phenomenal, the stupendous, the extraordinary visions that drive these two remarkable artists.

For this segment of the program there isn’t any sort of ridged scripting format.

Remember, artists don’t like to follow a schedule, check-off lists, or push a time clock. So don’t expect a robotic presentation.

This is about exploring the mind of an artist, trying, if you will to cast off your worldly thinking, visualize and think like an artist for a few exciting minutes.

So turn off your cell phones, clear your mind, breathe in deep and enjoy as Andrew and Robert get personal, sharing insights and secrets that enable them to create such spectacular works of art.

TIME: (30-45 min.)


Topics, Questions, Thoughts Shared:


  • Where do you start?
  • Animal Body Language Tricks
  • Do you need a picture to get started?
  • What animals are hard to paint?


  • Does the real life color, really matter in art?
  • Do you try to match colors, or just mix and go?
  • Is it hard to paint with colors you don’t like?
  • When displaying, should the colors of a painting match or contrast a room?

Cubism and other types of art

  • Do you have a favorite style of art?
  • Is it easier to paint one style VS. another?
  • Do you ever mix styles?

Hidden Elements

  • How do you decide what to hide?
  • How many, is too many hidden objects?


  • What inspires your painting (your mood, visions, scenes, people, etc.)


  • What makes a great landscape painting?
  • Do you have to see a place first?


  • Emotion
  • Capturing a vision
  • Making people experience an emotion…

Painting People

  • Background Selection
    • What works, what does not.
  • Body Language
    • Expressions are key, learn how it’s done
  • Clothing – making it real
  • Eyes
    • How to make them follow the viewer.
    • True bright eyes VS. looking fake
  • Facial Expressions – Getting it right
  • Hair – Easy / Hard?
  • Nudes
    • What inspires them?
    • Do you try to be general, exact, improve?
  • Skin Color Tricks

Painting Water

  • Above and Below
  • The “Two Worlds” Perspective Approach


  • How the angle can make or break the concept.
  • How to get a perspective to work in paint.

Nature Painting

  • Capturing the scene
  • Creating illusionary scenes
  • Setting a “Mood”, or “sharing a feeling”

Size & Shape

  • What determines the size of the painting?
  • What about the shape of the painting, square, round, rectangle, Triangle
  • What about framing?
  • How to choose the right frame?


  • Paint textures & Lighting

Visionary Art

  • Do your paintings match the vision, or do feel you just get close?
  • Are your visions involuntary or can you choose to have a vision?


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In this segment, you will take in and enjoy an array of breathtaking fine art. Exotic creations that come from the amazing minds of these two incredible artists.


TIME: (15-20 min.)

While there is a vast collection of art to explore, it’s also good time for our artists to show and explain a few specific paintings from their collections.

Get a unique perspective of each work of art, the inspirations, colors, textures and other elements that make these art works so astounding, with both artists commenting on each of the selected masterpieces.


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TIME: (10-15 min.)

This is also a great time for questions from invited guests.

Feel free to speak up and get thoughtful answers to your burning questions about the world of art, the life of an artist, any specific artwork.

Or just ask Robert for the best places to scuba on Maui. After all, he spends plenty of time down under with the fishes.

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