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Here we will do our best to consolidate all project-related notes and links, etc. Though to be clear, the project management, tasks, and other materials are located in our Virtual Workspaces.

UPDATES + Recent Comments


Sunday – Nov 28 – 3:50 pm

Aloha Russell,

I made an attempt to update the inventory sheet to show what originals I have on hand.

I inventoried about 50, then your SMS was answered with YES, please send all originals to dropBox and I will just sort them.

This will be faster, and I will update the inventory sheet as I sort the new materials.


Tuesday – Nov 23 – 3:00 pm

Aloha Russell,

Here is the new demo:


Tuesday – Nov 23 – 11:30 am

Aloha Russell,

Mahalo for the mail replies…

Please note that I have the Nature section near ready to post the sliders (ie: later today), and I have most of the art master organized so I am going category by category to just do a wiki slider for desk and phone. These will all be the same cut to fit the full screen as the existing demos.

I want to do at least the room setting for those square, round, and portal opposites so that we can make the ACTUAL painting shapes instantly clear when they look at the product images… vs. the sliders. Those room designs have to be done with Photoshop and are therefore slower to make, so they come after the wiki full-screen slides.

But remember, we made. a point to build out the store and have been working constantly to improve it. So we are working to make every listing look like this one:

Target Listing Format in the Store

Alien Chambers – click here

— LEFT: Painting; and
— RIGHT: Price, Important Details, and Print Selection (affects Price);

— Title, Format, Date, Size, SKU
— A full description of some sort (have Barry and other helping with this)

— One Category for type: Abstract, Marine, etc.
— Tags, for good SEO
— Related Products
— Locking Header – Easy Navigation
— Locking Footer – Always ready to Purchase
— Mobile Responsive
— On-Page always visible Support button
— Shopping Cart items and total always visible
— Simple, but elegant logo “Annenberg”
— If on sale, a sale tag with a convenient discount percentage
— A place for reviews (have a small group 50+ we are prepping to leave comments)
— Product by product notes, only visible to Admin, will get you to access next


The next issues are:

  • updating all the LEGAL;
  • Dealing with ADA requirements;
  • Wiring all the social accounts for marketing
  • Developing materials for social posting
  • Creating videos for video marketing
  • Automation of social posting
  • Automation of video multi-platform posting
  • SEO copy for promotional posting at: Medium, Linkedin, FB, etc.


Mobile App Update

I have been co-processing the slider images for each category so that the Mobile App can be a full DEMO by the First of December too.

This is a $30,000 app, so should help the bank to see that your investment in marketing along with the social posts and I will do a Marketing Kit” page where they can see dozens of marketing posts and materials on a page for easy access. The sharing sliders, and such too.

Like this:

  • Mobile App $30k +
  • Slider Website $20k +
  • Store $35k +
  • Social Marketing Posts $15k
  • Automation $10k
  • Video Creation 150 @ $1,000 each $150k
  • Video Posting to Multiple platforms $25k

These things should help your case, and I will also set up a page to links to all for you to share with the bank, investors, etc.


Monday – Nov 22 – 10:50 am

Aloha Russell,

Okay, so I spent some time working on the project yesterday and I have to say, far too much of what I am having to work on is stuff that Andrew could easily have done, or do now if he has nothing better going. I feel like I am sorting through his life trying to clean up his most valuable and least organized assets. If these were my work… it would all have been highly organized like I really want ti make money with it, years ago. I am having to do that sort of needful work to things he should have done to protect his investment in art years ago.

You probably have no idea the amount of pure grunt work that must be done… Just sorting through the originals to make sure what I have matched the store inventory is probably killing too many hours. Of the masters he provided, many are poorly named (slide15.jpg), improper category, and some are actually scaled down versions and not originals.

Add that I have to create an average of 10 display pics for each, so if that is done before the organization, then the matter would only get worse. Meanwhile, I am trying and rushing every aspect, to get what you want, a complete set of sliders.

So falling asleep sorting and cleaning up files is not the best use of my time.

Worse, it likely makes it appear on your end as though I am doing nothing or very little for the money you send this way. That said, I also seldom mention the hours that go into maintenance, backups, dealing hackers, spam comments, or hosting costs, etc.

Sorry to complain a bit, but it is much harder when I have to work around my current power limitation issues to do work that could have been done by a 12-year-old for peanuts rather than the serious stuff that leads directly to the money, you and we need

Heading to Grants Pass to visit our friend, he did not make it to meet us, is at the hospital instead. So many good people, like you, Jon, Brad, Barry, Alan, all close friends, and partners, fighting health… We are so sad about this.

I will work more tonight… Plan to make sliders, just had organization issues that kept getting in the way.


Sunday – Nov 21 – 9:35 pm

Aloha Russell,

I have been going through the art masters and verifying inventory as well as prepping for slides.

Hot ethe following:

** click image for Spreadsheet

— No Originals for this at all

I have not yet had a chance to identify the exact paintings that are in question, missing or not in the store. I will have that resolved soon. Perhaps I should compare it with your full inventory.

Will have more demos for you in a day or so…


Thursday – Nov 18 – 2:10 pm

Aloha Russell,

Okay, so you can see an installed app DEMO of the Mobile App.

Try the link below on your phone: Click Here


Thursday – Nov 18 – 1:10 pm

Aloha Russell,

Okay, so you can see a web-DEMO of the Mobile App.

Try the link below on your phone:


Thursday – Nov 18 – 11:00 am

Aloha Russell,

Okay, so just completed a demo import of the Marine sliders.

Working on other collections now.

Have a Zoom with Andrew at 4:00 pm, unless that is the time you wish. otherwise, I will be going collection by collection now for a demo with fewer in each collection for a quick demo.

You can Zoom anytime you like…

Aloha, D


Thursday – Nov 18 – 3:34 am

Aloha Russell,

I figured how to show you this collection of special overlay layouts…

I am now trying to get these installed, so I can show you a live demo. But understand that these are also pre-animated so the visual above is the final outcome, but these put themselves together part-by-part, very cool stuff.

Aloha, D


Wednesday – Nov 17 Update – #1

Aloha Russell,

Some other options the slider can do, that you may find useful.

Moved to: SLIDER – Advanced Option Below


Tuesday – Nov 16 Update – #1

Aloha Russell,

I have a layout set up for the Abstracts I want you to look at… it is basically as we last discussed.

The very first slide ONLY. So refresh as needed…

But, I also found some power tools to make some better overlays.

So I am going to make 2-4 of them for you to look at and approve. I will have those up by tonight for you to see

The slider tool is a bit clumsy but has awesome in easy to replace features. Sort of like working with a sledgehammer on a watch repair. But for the slideshows we want, you have to set up the layers for all the overlays one by one. I am looking for a way to set it across a batch of 55 for Abstracts for example. But in lieu, I will have to copy-paste.

Anyway, the point is that I want to get the layout perfect before I copy across 55 slides. Plus, I hope to replicate this for each collection and painting, so making the right decisions to start, will save countless hours of reworking things if I make a mistake.


Sunday – Nov 14 Update

Aloha Russell,

Today, the good news looks like I solved my backup power problem. Has been tricky to work on the batteries and then recharge. Fortunately, the engine-mounted alternator is well capable of supercharging the batteries (generator not starting), but the connection I put in was weak. Fixed that, so now I just need to get my batteries back up to snuff over the rest of today.

Now good, just a bit more gas than the generator… But a huge difference… I can work better.

Okay, so will be adding things as noted in yesterday’s update, and will keep posting updates for you to follow here.


Saturday – Nov 13 Update

Aloha Russell,

Okay, using your recently delivered Abstract masters, I figured the correct names, reprocessed them to ready-to-use masters. Then I cut 1-3 slices to make the demo slide show following. Note that there are 55 slides for the 37 abstracts in the collection. This is because of some cuts to 3 slides.

NOTE: It takes some time to match images to titles. Abstracts are more fun that way. In this case, you drop 55 slides into the “Slider Revolution Tool” and it FORGETS ALL THE FILE NAMES, so you start matchup and renaming, loads of fun.

So what you see is the result of crazy hours, mostly renaming again and again.

  • 10 hours+ going fast as possible, still 10 min+ per slide so far, creating, matching names, renaming the layers, setting the animation for each slide. Probably faster to match the images with Marine, etc. Hope so.
  • The next stages will still be a bit bogged down by the time it takes to go add layers for each overlay for the title, metric, and form. Then add 1-3 buttons for navigation. No idea yet, but will be cheating anyway I can to speed this.

Next step, I go back and post the name, oil, and canvas, and metric on each image, and make that clickable to the slider for that particular product. Of course, this is best done after I complete the slide show for the individual product, so for the next step, I will temporarily link the title to the store page… so this demo will be functional faster and then upgraded as materials come available… each stage is so much setup.

The individual slideshow for each product will take some time, figure 5-8 slides, and in this case, the titles and such will be preset in Photoshop… then the slide created, then that posted to a page for that artwork, then linked to the title of this slider image. At that time, the product slider will link to the store instead.

Okay, the best I could do with my 24hrs of power… We check out here about noon, gotta hit another place for supplies before 1pm. So if you wanna chat, let’s do that by 11a if that’s okay.


Thursday – Nov 11 Update

Aloha Russell,

Okay, so her at the casino with power, and I downloaded the Abstracts from DROPBOX.

I need to actually do this with all the categories and make sure of the available originals and categories as this reminds me that there could be many small errors that have crept in.

What I DO KNOW is that EVERYTHING we have is in the STORE now.

If I may, it would be good to have Andrew go through and check every painting in the store… verify:

  • Correct Category
  • Name
  • Date
  • Size
  • Location
  • Anything he can for notes about who, what, when, where, why

Frankly, we have worked in the dark a lot, and so what we have is our best to get all the information we could extract from Andrew.

I am even willing to just zoom with Andrew and go one by one to make this happen. We could just do that once in like 1-2 hour zoom and resolve years of missing data..?

If you get a chance and can look at the store… choose the 40 or so paintings you want on the HOMEPAGE SLIDER, because I would love to get that set done, then I can work on filling in the other sets and attaching them to that master HOMEPAGE SLIDER. make sense? ~ Fits my work style to build that way. Just give me the 40? SKU to work with… cool?


Wednesday – Nov 10 Update #2

Aloha Russell,

We have a question about this collection/series..

Have any been sold, or is perhaps the whole collection available?

Just asking, because this is an excellent example of something we could create a valuable NFT of… This is much more like the current high power auctions are selling.

Again, see the section below, NFTs as we would like ot jump on this for Xmas, if that’s okay with you.

Aloha, D+M


Wednesday – Nov 10 Update #1

Aloha Russell,

This note has been converted to a TAB, see below: WEBSITE – Strategy


Tuesday – Nov 9 Update

Aloha Russell,

Okay, so I spent some time figuring out how the SLIDER TOOL works.

The rest of this update has been converted to a TAB, see below: WEBSITE – Strategy


Monday – Nov 8 Update #2

Note that I lost a fair number of notes posted here last night… too many open windows, seems I overwrote the notes.

No copy, bummer…


Monday – Nov 8 Update #1

Aloha Russell,

  1. Based on our testing, I am waiting for the original abstracts to process Abstracts since my copy of them is not as reliable.
  2. I have created a reliable coding system for the marketing, sliders, etc. (10,000+ images to manage) see Tab: Coding System
  3. I am correcting an error in the SKU number assignment made in 2012, critical fix, see Tab: SKU
  4. Completely rewired the HOMEPAGE and store to work together properly
  5. Have staff set up 100+ social accounts for marketing
  6. Barry writing more descriptions for abstracts
  7. Homepages Slider – Learning how to use a SLIDER MANAGED overlay for Name+Metric/SKU


Saturday – Nov 6 – IMPORTANT

Good Morning Russell,

Reorganized materials, see below: Art Metrics and Marketing Syndication


Monday – Oct 25 – IMPORTANT REQUEST – Needed to Proceed

  • On this page, you will see the proposed sliders format with names on them.
  • I require your input, confirming that this is what you imagined and what formats you like.
  • Once completed, I can then process the images accordingly.

As requested, I will also try to make the SLIDERS clickable so they could choose art from those slides, and add a way to COMMENT each SLIDE.

See: Homepage Slider Section for details


Tuesday, Sep 28
Instructions From Russell

1 – Home Page

  • Slider with every painting… same as slider demo.
  • Mix them, do not categorize them.
  • Show only the size and oil on canvas

** Missed this note while doing the demo images in the Homepage Sliders section here. (no access, been dry camping for more than a week… Just one-night Free power so got all the notes consolidated.


June 9, 2021
Instructions From Russell

The title to the abstracts should read

Andrew Annenbergs Astral Awakening
A cosmic journey into the mind of a surreal visionary.

We spent dozens of hours with Belarus, as Andrew’s abstracts alone do not tell any story, and I wanted to have my concepts worked out with algorithms, bit by bit.

If it works, Andrews’s abstracts will continue to increase in value.

Changes to the names might happen as they keep working it, but for now, this is it.

Basically, you have done a good amount of the work, I would like each abstract on a page, nothing more said for the time just the name of the painting.

  • I want to break up AndrewAnnenberg.com, paintings, such as the abstracts.
  • A journey for those looking at his abstracts.
  • Can you put in a comment so that each page can be interactive?
    — I can have Belarus do that, but I would also like to stay with you and have them do their magic with Algorithms to prove out how to make more money.
    — I’m asking if you are able to make it interactive that if someone sees a painting they might ask her a question or make a comment that I would like to see.

Project Links

The following links open new pages and make it easier to find project parts.

Slider Demos

** See also: Slider – Advanced Options, below


Mobile App Demos


Store Demos


Misc. Links


Marketing Links



Sliders – Homepage


Again, the Requirements:

  • Full-Screen Display;
  • Smooth Transitions from painting to painting;
  • Easy to configure;
  • Must be fully responsive, support many devices;

Tuesday, Sep 28
Instructions From Russell

  • Slider with every painting… same as slider demo.
  • Mix them, do not categorize them.
  • Show only the size and oil on canvas **

** Missed this note while doing the demo images in the Homepage Sliders section here.

** Please review the demo slides below imagining they have the dimensions in place of the SKU, note that we do not have all DIM for all Paintings.


  • An elegant solution to screen fill (dealing with image and device shapes)

You Approved:

The Slider Revolution Plugin

~ Slider Demo

Again, it is I think what you described to me in the first place.

The Slider Revolution is capable of:

  1. Full-Screen Display as you requested;
  2. We can choose to add an overlay or not;
  3. We can choose from hundreds of transitions between slides;
  4. The images cannot be ‘drag+drop’ copied;
  5. The ADDIM can be solved, note a mobile version is a separate slider build.

That said, I do not like the slider controls… but the capabilities are beyond all others.

  • Need to tweak the images better (this is a demo);
  • Need to build two sliders, one for mobile, one for landscape devices;
  • Need to find more creative slider backgrounds (the demos are only ideas);
  • We should link every image to the store page for that item;

One more thing, for efficiency, both in making sales and functional elegance. It is best if each image is tied to the store page for instant purchase.

This can be done regardless of the slider would be worthless to us. But, if the slider can connect to the product pages, can convert them to slider presentation automatically.

That same slider would make them clickable and thus work as they should without manual intervention. This, an ideal function if possible.


SLIDER - Advanced OptionS

Advanced Slider Options



Complete Slider ART: Homepage, Product, and Sharing

  1. Create Slides
    — Processing this art is done by using a template formula using Photoshop.
  2. Add to Slider Tool
    — The slides created are then added to the Revolution Slider in WordPress, and any additional information is added (layers);
  3. Transition Animation
    — Settings for animation are done.

To start, Photoshop Processes

  1. Complete the standard templates for ROOMS to fit all VIEWING PORTALS and painting SHAPES.
  2. Create these in PHOTOSHOP using LAYERS.
  3. Create a collection of ROOMS and title placement layers, to make a TEMPLATE FILE.
  4. Take a TEMPLATE and make a copy for a particular painting
  5. Tweak all the layers in the TEMPLATE
  6. Save each completed LAYER to a folder

The result is a collection of images for each painting, which includes:

  • Homepage Slider Frame
  • Product Slider Frames 4-8
  • Sharing Frames 5-9
  • Video Frames 5-9

Below, the estimated time to complete this art. Not including video creation time, add approx two hours each for that, as we need to make landscape, portrait, and square videos, etc.

Naturally, I will start with the Abstracts and proceed down the list as you request.


Add loading images into SLIDESHOWS on the website, and you have a complete presentation.



37 23

Early Works 

7 5

Lost Worlds 

4 3


25 17


9 6


42 n/a


27 18

New Works 

13 9


25 17

Still Life 

18 12


27 18

SLIDER - Design (A) - Caps Left + Right

These are the possible using a capitalized text. We can place the Text to either side, and I would suggest we base that decision on the specific painting.

Obviously, when possible we will create a full-screen image like these, but those are of course not possible with ROUND paintings as the above. Where we must use something to fill the void, so we have been selecting a variety of room settings.

Another concern not well done here is that we should in some cases use BLACK lettering to contrast, but for the following, you can see where simply choosing the opposite side can solve the problem, so that we can have a darker background. This will not always be the case, so the option to use BLACK lettering is requested as well.

Tuesday, Sep 28
Instructions From Russell

  • Slider with every painting… same as slider demo.
  • Mix them, do not categorize them.
  • Show only the size and oil on canvas **

** Please review these demo slides imagining they have the dimensions in place of the SKU, note that we do not have all DIM for all Paintings.

SLIDER - Design (B) - Lowercase Left + Right

These are the possible using lowercase text. Again, we can place the Text to either side and likewise, I would suggest we base that decision on the specific painting.

Tuesday, Sep 28
Instructions From Russell

  • Slider with every painting… same as slider demo.
  • Mix them, do not categorize them.
  • Show only the size and oil on canvas **

** Please review these demo slides imagining they have the dimensions in place of the SKU, note that we do not have all DIM for all Paintings.

SLIDER - Design (C) - Centered, Solid

This is a proposed solution to the problem of trying to overlay the name on a painting. Using the plan, we will never run into a conflict, since the letting is on the overlay and always works.

This design is also proposed below for video creation, etc.



Sliders – Others

PRODUCT SLIDERS - Several for each painting

These are designed to be on the specific painting information page as a dedicated slide show. This is designed to show the painting is not just full size. But also in room settings and in some cases broken across multiple frames for an effect.

So this slide show will be dedicated to selling the one painting alone.

A perfect video too

This slide show is also the basis for creating a dedicated video for this painting. We simply add background music, a starting display screen, and custom thumbnail, then a closing frame…


Presently, I am working on the designs for SQUARE portals like Instagram. This presents more complex solutions due to the smaller portal size and its SQUARE shape. Again, we must get the full spectrum of painting shapes to work inside a SQUARE PORTAL. Rather a small smartphone-sized square portal to be exact.

Click the images to enlarge


This is part of my larger strategy for promotion. People need to see the art on social media, via video, and they need to be able to share images with friends. Sharing is both an opportunity and a liability if not handled correctly.

My plan is to have our own PRE-APPROVED sharing images. We will use them to promote the paintings and website across 100+ social media. This along with the Videos will be excellent content that will drive potential buyers. The sharing aspect will go viral, and with some of our promotional tools, we can do even more.

NOTE – The URL http://QRc.fyi/AA-022097 would be encoded into the QR Code on the image as well. The QRc is an alternate to the UPC which is very expensive and regulated. We created the QRC to replace the UPC on a global basis at a competitive cost.

Your cost is nothing with our JV arrangement, but we plan to charge merchants and manufacturers a very cheap fee, like $1.00 to register, and maybe 1-5 cents annual renewal. Then offer lifetime one-time fees at say $59. Still working on this. But the very SHORT URL is part of the deal, as many merchants have a long URL, like Andrew.

I will also work toward a WATERMARK solution that does not screw up the art. It is possible to encode into the art a signature key that PHOTOSHOP and other software can see, which prohibits any alterations. See: FAQ


Art Marketing

ART - Marketing Tactics
ART - Required Data, Filters, etc.

This material is aimed at getting on the same page with respect to the data we want to see for each image.

First filters that would drive tags and categories, etc.



• Colors
• Decor Names – Interior Design (see notes below)
• Size
• Shape – Landscape, Portrait, Round, Square, etc.
• Subject Matter
• Type


Required information for each Painting.

• Title: xxxxxxxxxx
• Subject: xxxxxxxxxx
• SKU: xxxxxxxxxx

• Price – Original:
• Price – Original Sold:
• Price – Museum:
• Price – NFT:
• Price – Giclee:
• Price – Poster:

• Editions / Total Prints:  (ie; Edition Name: xxx + No. Sold: xx)

• Location: California
• Copyright: 2009
• Medium: Oil on Panel
• Style: Classic Landscape
• Shape: Landscape, Portrait, Round, Square, etc.
• Colors: xxxxxx, xxxxxx
• Signed: Yes/No

• Dim: 16″ x 20″

• Frame: n/a
• Dim-Frame: n/a

• Available as:   Original, Museum, Giclee, Poster, NFT

• Story: About the painting, mood, purpose, etc.


ART - Valuation Reseach


Historically, paintings that contain red, for example, always cost more.

Add color list


List exhibitions
List shows
List major galleries
List museums display


** – in the context of “art history”?

– What is the significance or importance of the “Artwork”
– Does the work augment the canon of art history?
– Does the work have originality for the time in which it was created?


– Does it have “Wall power”?
– Does it shock?
– Does it inspire awe?
– Does it just draw you in and you don’t know why?
– Are the artist’s emotions and feelings transferred to the art?


– Is the work artistically desirable in the present
– It has universal appeal – You need not be educated into an appreciation.


A masterpiece:

Is it a creation of authentic genius?
Is it a great work of art or craftsmanship?
Is it likely to be considered a masterpiece from generation to generation?
Is it an extremely clever or skillful creation
Does it change the way that people will see or understand the medium
Will it influence generations of artists
Will it stand the test of time


– scarcity
– the size of subject artwork


Is the artist “hot”, fashionable, super trendy at the moment?

How many articles in any medium, from magazines to social media?
Set up a consistent press coverage

– being talked about, so that friends and guests will immediately recognize your art
– established, recognized, brand-name artists

Marketing creates upward pressure on an artists value;

– Greater Exposure  = Greater Demand
– Greater Demand    = Higher Prices

Exposure can push an artist to become in vogue with higher social groups. Which in turn makes an artist more valued. without it you may be as obscure as a pre-Columbian cave painter.


– Is it well-painted, well-composed?
– Technical quality and artist’s imagination lead to obvious creativity.


The value may differ drastically depending on what form (cartoon, drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture, digital design, etc.) your art is.

– authenticity of the idea
– the theme or the idea behind its creation.
– original meaning of sensation or its appropriated meaning of beauty
– paintings of beautiful women tend to be worth more than paintings of men

An artist does not need to be original or have a message.
— These are your basic marketing terms that are used by Gallery Owners and Art Dealers and the Artists themselves to try to differentiate the artwork from the myriad other works that all look the same.

If a human being creates something and intends it as art when they create it, and then they present it to someone else in the world as art, then it is art. Period. This is the accepted art world definition of art today and has been for almost 70 years. And yes, it is incredibly broad and allows almost anything to be called art. That is the time we live in. It is a very accepting and tolerant time, unlike earlier eras, which had much narrower definitions. ~ E130701

— the original thought that the artwork is a kind of interface between the artist and the viewer and the value resides is how each “sees” the work. ~ E190301


The factor of the style and quality of a particular work

What has Value:

– the artist’s style, their originality, and the message of the artwork.
– collectors are drawn to works representative of the style the artist is celebrated for.

Your style is a combination of your voice, techniques, color choices, compositions, subject matter, media, and more all wrapped up. Your style is what binds each of your pieces together into a unique and cohesive collection. The best part is that it continues to evolve over time.  Even when you’ve found it, it starts to change.

Style is basically the manner in which the artist portrays his or her subject matter and how the artist expresses his or her vision. Style is determined by the characteristics that describe the artwork, such as the way the artist employs form, color, and composition, to name just a few.

Another important factor in determining the style of an artwork is to examine the way the artist handles the medium, taking into account the method or technique that the artist uses. An additional aspect of art styles is the philosophy or driving force behind the artwork. All of these stylistic elements are defined by the choices artists make as they compose their artwork.

Start by asking yourself a few questions:

• Are there elements of design that tie your pieces together?
• What themes show up in your art most often?
• What kind of subjects are you drawn to? Many or a few?
• What kind of art do you enjoy creating at the moment?
• Does your art stand out against the work of other artists?


Art Metrics and Marketing Syndication


There are 200+ paintings, and they vary in dimensions and shapes:

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Round
  • Square

This means we have at least 200 images to process for each use.

ADDIM - Painting Dimension Issues

Device/art DIM and Rotate issues to resolve:

I have a thought/concern with the full page display.

The sample slider idea for example is cool, but I was thinking that it is aimed at LANDSCAPE dimensions.

This brings me to the real problem.

The various device formats and the variety of painting DIM, and now add FULL-screen display.

So we have paintings in;

— Landscape, Portrait, and Square.

Devices include;

— Watch, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Smart TV, AR-Glasses
— These represent the range of display sizes

When you can have all the paintings the same LANDSCAPE DIM then no worries, since most larger displays will be LANDSCAPE, sounds great.

But the full screen is not the same across devices due to the different devices and the different painting DIM.

The thing I need is to solve this in a way you like.

So, at this point, I am saying there is NO PERFECT SOLUTION because in my mind the combination of DIM + Device ENSURES A PROBLEM with any solution I have in mind.

This brings me back to what I know…

57-65% …………….. will be on a mobile device.
% unKnown …….. will turn the display for a better landscape view
Mobile Social ……  95% portrait + square images on the phone

Meanwhile on a phone that will require turning your phone to view LANDSCAPE, and if not will try to squeeze to a smaller square.

Now, add that SQUARE and PORTRAIT paintings will have problems because of the opposing…..

Just a reminder….

At present, the best solution I have is to build art displays that are 1920 x 1000 which is the size used by this template and slider tool I have chosen…

So, starting with a space that is 1920 x 1000, I would take each piece of art we want to display in the slider and create a display that size. This solves the sizing issue for the LANDSCAPE display.

Now for mobile display, the solution would be more or less opposite, i.e.; 1000 x 1920 for a portrait display of landscape art and portrait display of portraits.

At this point, if I have not lost you, then these ‘created displays’ would standardize the art presentations, so that regardless of the art dimension, they would be all the same display sizes in the end.

Naturally, this means something must take up the space that will fill the area not used for square, round, portrait in landscape display, etc. All very messy, my solution will reduce the problems.

Related Project Videos
  • Slider Project Part 1
  • Slider Project Part 2
  • Art Resizing

What follows is a brief discussion of the parameters and the related project videos:

In the Accordions after, there are examples, etc.

SLIDERS - by Purpose

We have three primary designs to be concerned with:

  1. Presentation Slider
  2. Product Slider (6-9 images target min.)
  3. Sharing

This comes to a minimum of 8+ versions of each painting for the various uses above.

SLIDER SYNDICATION - Social Sharing, etc.

There are three target syndication “VIEWING PORTAL” shapes:

  1. Landscape;
    Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, Youtube, etc.
  2. Portrait;
    Phones, Tablets, some social networks
  3. Square
    Phones and social networks like Instagram, etc.

These are sort of obvious from the user point of view

There is the mind twist created by these, however.

Look closer at #3 – Square – Here we need to format for a “Square Display” to show landscape, portrait, and round inside the square portal.


THE SLIDER WORKS, and so that set of slides is being dealt with.

The problems

— The downside of sliders is that they can significantly increase page load time
— which can have a knock-on impact on SEO and conversion rates.
— Technically speaking, speed is a potential reason.
— Since Google responds to signals of a satisfied user

LAZY LOAD – This is a special solution to the extra weight of too many images. This the number of images should NOT be a factor, testing must confirm this.


  • What is Lazy Loading
    — LazyLoad is a script that automatically loads images as they enter the viewport.
    — Lazy Load the current Slide, Previous Slide, and next Slide’s images
    — Reduces initial load time
    — Bandwidth conservation
    — System resource conservation
  • Why You Should Use Slider Revolution
    — All aspects of its sliders are monitored and optimized
    — Seriously Secure
    — SEO optimized
    — It employs intelligent lazy loading
    — Blog Comment: With SR I can get 98 scores on Geometrics any day with 1-2 second page loads.

WebP – an image file format that contains image data with both lossless and lossy compression. Developed by Google, WebP basically is a derivative WebM video format. The format is capable of reducing image file size up to 34% smaller than JPEG and PNG images while retaining high quality.

So of course working on variations of the art, and different display formulas…



ABOUT - Room Displays

The plan is that each painting has several room settings on the store and/or gallery pages.

We have been scouring the Internet for “Royalty-Free” room settings for this purpose.

Once a good candidate like the samples below is found, we must turn it into a template so that we can add different images to it as needed.

But, in keeping with your plan to show the art as big as we can, I am thinking the same concepts, but less room, more painting.

Round is the most difficult, and so far, this is the best round solution we have found, but things I do not like, beautiful room, and they hung the “window” (erased window) too low, should be about a foot above the couch, silly.

That said, it’s going to be a challenge to find great solutions for the round.

I like these, but we are looking for great angles, shadows, and other effects that are not distracting, the following are some that we would consider a 6-7 and we want to find some 9-10 rated stuff. This one above is the target in my mind.

Plenty of angles to help visualize solve paintings that cannot be full screen due to the shape of viewing portals, etc.

This is just a mockup from an older mockup with the image not so close… but getting some sort of wall and flowers or vase, etc to balance is good… So superior versions of these ideas.

Like these older versions…


This project involves a great deal of planning and careful assembly line processing of images.

For this reason, there have been delays because making a mistake is monumental. I have made a few doozies already with this project. Even in this last DEMO, I missed a note, and need to go back and replace the SKU with a DIM.

I’ll leave you with this crazy thought, I have made my share of mistakes… this is my inspiration to continue…

in 1930, they decided to change the direction of a 22 million lb building, at 5 inch per hour, all the daily working people inside no utilities interrupted.

I pray I never make that big of a mistake…hard to hide, they made history with a 22 million lb mistake…

On the other hand, they fixed it with a style worthy of history.

So hard to say, in the end, do you remember the mistake or the impressive solution….?

The lesson…I never claimed to be any more than a human… trying 18hr days to help any I can.

My plan is to give a really big show, to make up for all my mistakes…So, this is my inspiration,

22,000,000 lbs of mistakes,


Aloha, D

CODING - Images

LEGEND – Slides and Sliders

The following code system is required to manage a large number of media around a particular product. Regardless if art, crochet, or Hot Wheels, their management becomes a problem.

If there is not a way such as this to manage the file names.

The alternative is to open the file and look, not a convenient option.

With this system, we can manage all art creation by purpose, size, etc.

See how this helps with File Naming:

—Homepage Sliders

—Product Page Slides

—Sharing Slides

CODES: Display Advertising Artwork

AA010201-S2-99-BB-NAME = Square > Size-2 > Bottom Bar


SKU > Portal-Shape > Slider-Type > Room + Part > Overlay > NAME

(0-9) = Advertisement Display Size

CODES: Homepage Sliders


SKU > Portal-Shape > Slider-Type > Room + Part > Overlay > NAME

CODES: Product Page Slides



SKU > Portal-Shape > Slider-Type > Room + Part > Overlay > NAME

CODES: Sharing Slides


SKU > Portal-Shape > Slider-Type > Room + Part > Overlay > NAME

Coding System Decoder

Examples: SH-77-RC -and- LP-AA-BB

SKU > Portal-Shape > Slider-Type > Room + Part > Overlay > NAME

L = Portal Shape = Landscape
P = Portal Shape = Portrait
S = Portal Shape = Square

A = Advertisement
H = Homepage Slider
P = Product Slide
S = Sharing Slide


L1 = Landscape / Display Adv
LH = Landscape / Homepage Slider
LP = Landscape / Product Slide
PP = Portrait / Product Slide
SS = Square / Sharing Slide

AA = Room(a-z) + Part No.(a-z) or use following for Full Screen

ROOMS = (a-z) allows up to 26 room overlays

7 = Full Screen – Landscape (1920×1200)
8 = Full Screen – Portrait (1200×1920) ??
9 = Full Screen – Square (1080×1080)

PART NO = (1=Top Portion, 2+3+4, then F=Full View, X=cut, Z=Squeeze)

71 = Part No 1
82 = Part No 2
93 = Part No 3 – All respective to only the room numbering section
Only when full screen display

Overlay (i.e.; see following):

BB = Bottom Bar (b)
TB = Top Bar (t)
LC = Left Cap
LL = Left Lowercase
RC = Right Caps
RL = Right Lowercase
WL = White Label

GDPR + PRIVACY - Dealing with the Mechanics of the Law

The GDPR + Privacy Laws

We must deal with the GDPR/Privacy issue… the liability is too costly.

This is a LEGAL issue that normally requires us to give you a chance to NOT proceed to the SLIDESHOW until we have given you a chance to opt-out of any website activity that may touch your privacy.

  1. Because this website is designed so unusual as noted above, I think I can get around this legal requirement. Here is my proposed solution. Since the HOMEPAGE is a DISPLAY ONLY.. we can set this specific website for the display to collect no personal data, we can collect ONLY AGGREGATE DATA, like the visit, time of day, country, and source if was a search engine or social media. Just collect ZERO IP-related data, and there would be “Nothing to Opt-out”.
  2. The second step is that because we will be selling art, and to do so collecting personal data, we will have to have them agree to our policies and thus show a notice ONLY when they first enter the STORE.
    I am 90% certain I can do this plan, and that it is the lawful way to handle the matter. I want to double-check this and remove the 10% question. So I will research and advise accordingly.
    In the end, this plan should work both mechanically and legally allow us to NOT put any notices before you see the SLIDESHOW.

I will update this section as research provides answers.



Arts Heaven

Museum-quality reproductions of famous paintings at 50-75% below gallery prices. Our 100% hand-painted oil painting reproductions are created from scratch by professional artists.

There are no equals, and nothing matches the original more closely. Buy with confidence with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Yes absolutely. Our artist can recreate and reproduce any painting of your choice to your exact specification.

See: FAQs

Please send an e-mail to info@artsheaven.com

  1. Attach a picture of the painting, artwork, or a portrait photo
  2. Indicate the size you want to have to reproduce
  3. We will reply to you with a price quote and approximate delivery time

Please note:
Custom orders, Special orders are NON-RETURNABLE and CANNOT BE CANCELLED once placed due to the custom and made-to-order processes involved.

30×24 = $265-445. = $127 / $83 Giclee
36×29 = $335-585. = $158 / $123
48×36 = $445-825  = $241 / $190

Giclee PricingClick Here

24×36 = $100-134 Rolled

Print Price CalculatorClick Here

INTERIOR DESIGN - Tratget Marketing

Here we need to look at the terms used by interior decorators. These will be things like colonial, 17th century, Moden, etc.

The point is that if a professional was looking for decor for my client, or if I am trying to maintain a decor decorating my rooms, I would search this way.

In short, we need a collection of keywords here or tag words.

14 Most Popular Interior Design Styles Explained


Interior Design Styles 101:
The Ultimate Guide To Defining Decorating Styles in 2020


18 Types of Living Room Styles

1. Traditional Living Room Style
2. Contemporary
3. West Coast Contemporary Living Room Theme
4. Modern
5. Mid-Century
6. Cottage Living Room Decor Style
7. Cabin
8. Chalet
9. Mediterranean Style
10. Asian
11. Country
12. Craftsman
13. Industrial
14. Scandinavian
15. Southwestern
16. Victorian
17. Rustic
18. Shabby Chic

LEGAL - Infringements Found

I have identified many copyright infringements. The full list is not here, I will be moving it from the workspaces to this page soon.

  1. HD Wallpapers

** I would like to collect on these, and at one point, you said I could do so and keep the funds recovered. If that offer is still open, I would like to act on that with your express permission.

NFTs - Request for Approval

With your permission, I would like to finish the NFT upgrades to those artists that seem to work for the format shared with you (moving skies and water, etc.)

I would like to enter those into the store and add a plugin that will make them into an NFT upon purchase.

I think we can earn from the NFT market today and this also allows for very cheap-high value promotional uses too. Like giveaways and other examples where we can just give the winner an NFT that we say is worth XXX, and he can start his NFT collection.

The news hype will work for us on value, and we have a giveaway that is worth thousands in market value but costs us pennies.

I can do all the art as NFTs, just in different formats, as this one only works well where something can be animated but. I have many other ideas for NFTs.

We just require your approval to proceed, we have a plan and it will be sold through our stores.

We will handle all costs, our time to create, and pennies to reproduce.

SKU - Fixing Past Errors

SKU (ie; Stock Unit Numbers) are an important part of managing any inventory. In 2012 when we first assigned a stock number to every painting, the formula used was flawed. Not long after, I perfected a much better SKU creation system.

While it is a lot of work to fix the SKUs by reassignment, I sincerely believe that the application of my new number system will provide many advantages. So, I have begun the changeover, and all new work will use the new system, existing store entries, and other uses like the inventory worksheet will all be adjusted to match.

The New SKU Formula

The first goal is to reduce the number of characters used, currently 9-char, the new formula is 6-char and provides more information as a plus.

Example of a corrected SKU:

AS0418 = Dreamflight

The formula starts with the idea of assigning a “Letter” to each “Category” as follows:

A = Abstracts
E = Early Works
L = Lost Worlds
M = Marine
N = Nature
P = People
S = Still lIfe
V = Visionary
X = Metamorphic

The second aspect to cover is the orientation of the painting:

L = Landscape Painting
P = Portrait Painting
R = Round Painting
S = Square Painting

Lastly, we need to assign a number for the specific artwork:

0000 = Item first two letters or alternates see chart (260,000 combinations)

Helps with File Naming as well:

This helps me to manage the Artwork much better too, see also the CODING tab above


BONUS – This also shortens the URL used for sharing

URL = https://QRc.fyi/AS0418



Store Pages – Double as Gallery Pages

We need the store pages, so they can buy, but the gallery page may not be as important.

Seems we can put as much detail and even video in the store pages, so the only reason to develop a separate gallery. is so that you can use that with any art dealers, and it would not link to the store pages, but the store pages would link to the gallery pages.

That is effect was my original plan.

We could also wire that so that they can have a copy come up like it is a part of their website, and the URL would be cloaked.

The gallery will be without prices.


I can write, so we can get the SEO perfect… see my SEO Writer Page for what I can do..

Pitch Page………. Click Here
Profile Page…….. Click Here


As mentioned previously, we are very good at traffic.

We have a very large collection of tools and have done mountains of research and have grown sites from 30-40,000 monthly to over one million monthly visitor traffic in less than 60 days.

In short, I promise we can service well in this regard, for starters, we can set up auto-posting to most of the networks marked #1 + 2 in the diagram…

Learn More… Click Here


The content we use on a website will greatly affect the results when people search.

Put another way, selling art is best done by understanding why people buy art. There are in fact many reasons, and we need to create a pathway to bring each of these potential buyer types to the website.

With this in mind, the recommended content should include articles that are designed to reach the different buyer types.

What follows here is a collection of examples. Some are starter ideas or actual research for an article.

  • Love the Art: Based on their artistic and emotional response to it.;
  • Great Investment;
  • Inspiration & Motivation;
  • Enriches the Environment;
  • Gifting;



WEBSITE - Strategy

Website Development Strategy

Okay, so I have restructured everything from the homepage to the font sizes.

Now the default homepage is: AndrewAnnenberg.com

No REDIRECTS involved..!

I have also taken over control of the SLIDER software, so I can do with it as I wish now.

You will note that the homepage is perfectly responsive with no wasted space.

Slider Organization

  1. Homepage Slider
    — Feature one or more samples from each “Collection” mixed;
    — Each image with two floating buttons as noted following:
  2. Homepage Navigation
    — BTN-1 = COLLECTION Page (Abstract, Marine, etc);
    — BTN-2 = Painting STORE Page;
  3. Collection Navigation
    — BTN-1 = Return to HOMEPAGE;
    — BTN-2 = Painting SLIDER Page;
    — BTN-3 = Painting STORE Page;
  4. .Painting Page Navigation
    — BTN-1 = Return to HOMEPAGE;
    — BTN-2 = Painting COLLECTION Page;
    — BTN-3 = Painting STORE Page;
  5. Return to Homepage
    — From the STORE page, select the TOP LEFT logo = return to HOMEPAGE

I am currently building a DEFAULT PAGE and Slider for each collection. In preparation to make the above NAVIGATION functional.

It is some work to set up the SLIDER OVERLAY text and buttons.,.

This is ready to test on:

  • Full-Screen Display
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones (you can swipe to get to the next image)

It defaults to a Presentation Full-Screen Slider… and I have removed everything and so now you have:

None of these…

  • Menu
  • Login
  • Search
  • About
  • Footer
  • Contact
  • Faq

This site is purely about displaying the art on every device as a full screen as possible. The link to the STORE for each painting is the only way to navigate away from the FS Slider.

  • At the STORE, you choose the Annenberg LOGO and return to the slideshow.
  • Do you see the one HUGE LEGAL problem?


GDPR + Privacy Laws

We must deal with the GDPR/Privacy issue… the liability is too costly.

This is a LEGAL issue that normally requires us to give you a chance to NOT proceed to the SLIDESHOW until we have given you a chance to opt-out of any website activity that may touch your privacy.

Please read more in the GDPR Tab.

I have set in a PRIVACY link to float on top of the sliders. We should also consider a popup GDPR notice.


WORDPRESS - Pro Network

In order to build on a professional-grade foundation for the development of the Annenberg website. We have upgraded the WordPress that runs the website at AndrewAnnenberg.com to a WordPress Network, capable of supporting unlimited websites.

It now has superpowers and can be hundreds of websites.

  1. The first useful thing about this is a working instant backup is always pending on the network for a fast recovery.
  2. We have a separate development from the front end, so visitors do not see what we are working on.
  3. We can separate some functional parts of the plan like sales funnels, etc.

Super Flexible and opens doors we will discuss

This configuration features countless advantages over a traditional single website WordPress. The most important is that with a single management system, unlimited websites can be created and managed with great ease.



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